Camper Information

    • Bible/Notebook/Pen
    • Bedding/Pillow/Blanket
    • Towels/Toiletries
    • Toothbrush/Toothpaste
    • Clothes for camp Activities
    • Money for Snack Shack
    • Beach Towel
    • Swim Suit (Guys and Girls swim separately)
    • Shorts MUST come to the knee
    • ALL shirts MUST have sleeves
    • Cell Phones
    • iPads/Radios/IPODS/MP3’s/Tablets
    • DVD Player/Electronic Games
    • Knives
    • Fireworks/Matches/Lighters
    • Tobacco Products/Alcohol
    • Clothing with Un-Christ like Logos

Accommodations: are bunkbeds and are first come first serve basis when the completed registration form and deposit is received.

Men/Boys: You may wear shorts to the knee, jeans, full cut t-shirts. DO
NOT wear tank tops, sleeveless shirts and pants hanging off hips. Pants
MUST be worn on the waist.

Ladies/Girls: You may wear modest fitting, knee length shorts, or lose
fitting pants/jeans. Full cut t-shirts, one piece swimsuits. DO NOT wear
tank tops, sleeveless shirts, and midriff shirts, low necklines (front or

The Camp reserves the right to ask ANYONE to change his/her attire if in
the estimation of the staff, it does not comply with standard.

Emergency Contact: You can call 864.843.3334 if you need to contact your
camper and a message will be taken. Campers will not be allowed to call
home except for emergencies. Please do not come by the camp for a visit.
If your camper is homesick, they will want to leave with you.

Conduct: Christian Standards of Conduct and morality are expected of all
participants. Swim times are separated for the girls and guys. Physical
contact between campers WILL NOT be allowed. Campers are subject to the
supervision and authority of the camp staff.


If you send mail to your youth, they will have to sing a song to receive
it… SO SEND A BUNCH! Mail can be sent to:

(Camper’s Name) 477 Golden Creek Road Liberty, SC 29657